Organic Fertilizer

For many years, the agro-industry was bedeviled by a wide range of issues, mainly dwindling productivity and massive loss in investment, hence the advent of fertilizers to help curb the flaws and inability of conventional farming. However, it seems as though factors surrounding the availability and high cost of acquiring synthetic fertilizers are defeating the purpose of its invention over the years, thus the shift to organic fertilizers.

It is essential to note that fertilizer is a crucial element for crop growth, and organic fertilizer is the sure hope of the ordinary farmer. Though not widely in use, they are gradually becoming more popular as organic farming becomes more popular. Only such products may be added to soil to comply with organic requirements.  To successfully grow healthy, plentiful crops, you must achieve specific soil health. To do this, the right balance must be achieved when it comes to pH, phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, and the like. This means knowing not only what your soil already has but also what it needs.

Now, let’s answer the question of why organic fertilizer is a healthy option for farmers. When we say organic, we mean purely natural and chemical-free, which is healthy for both the crop and the ecosystem at large. As a farmer, the focal points while looking for fertilizer are the application procedures, low-cost, N-P-K availability, and yield value making organic fertilizers a sure option for at least all major qualities. Though there are yet many reasons for organic fertilizers as a preferred option for farming as against the Chemical variant, below are some of the advantages of Organic fertilizers.


Organic fertilizers are incredibly simple to use and can be used without damage. These natural products can easily be used without protective clothing or appliances that are pretty pricey nowadays. Their use requires no professional knowledge, and even an amateur farmer can use this knowledge.


Organic fertilizers are much more secure than synthetic fertilizers, as they are not so highly concentrated. Organic fertilizers are the best fertilizers for plants and crops in agriculture, ecologically and environmentally safe, and not toxic in the wild. Their regular use does not pollute and helps to improve tomorrow.

Organic fertilizers help balance nutrient content

They provide a healthy combination of critical nutrient sources for important soil-based micro-organisms and earthworms. These species are one of the various reasons why the soil structure is fruitful and stable. They assist plants in the successful absorption of nutrients.

Wide Variety of options

Organic fertilizers are available in various varieties as per targeted crops, specific farm requirements, soil conditions, etc., as they are very useful for plants and crops. It can be made of natural waste, biomass materials, fish droppings, algae extract, etc.

Yield Percentage

Research shows that using organic fertilizers properly and efficiently in cultivation and agriculture results in a higher-yielding percentage. Fertilizers support a large number of farmers’ crops and plants in a range of ways. Natural fertilizers are highly nutritious and beneficial to crops and plants over time and thus enhance the plants’ yield percentage.

Reduces Contaminations

The use of organic fertilizers in agriculture helps eliminate harmful and hazardous environmental emissions, e.g., surface water pollution, underground water table, etc. They effectively assist in the deterioration of other natural substances in the soil, enriching its contents. Furthermore, over-fertilizing the soil would never affect the plants because organic fertilizers have no harmful side effects.

Allows for complete Nutrients availability to plants

In comparison to synthetic fertilizers that provide plants only with basic nutrients, organic fertilizers often increase micronutrients. It comes with ample micronutrients, including zinc, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and nitrogen and potassium.


Some amazing factors wordy of note are that organic fertilizers are sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly. So, for high productivity and efficiency as a beginner or professional farmer, you need organic fertilizers, not only for benefits to the crops but for your safety and others around you consequently. If you want to try a viable additive to your organic fertilizer efficiency, you can try out the efficacy of PlantCatalyst. You can order via our Product section and get it in few days at a very affordable price.


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