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About 30 years ago, before the general economic exodus to the oil sector, Agriculture the main stale of the Nigerian economy, and the industry’s proceeds, many infrastructural and industrial units were developed. This is solidifying the ideology that the Agro-industry has the potential to hold the stand of a great country still like it has in many other rich and growing countries like Malaysia, China, and many more. In this article, I will give you insight into some vital reasons why you should think about farming in Nigeria.

Though we can’t emphatically say that agriculture holds the most significant stake in the Nigerian economic system, but at least, it is the primary source of livelihood for most Nigerian households. The agro sector has an employment rate of over 70% in West Africa and produces at least 80% of Nigerian economic gain, with a small space of just 33% of the total land space. Agriculture is the main sustenance of African homes, especially in Nigerian, so you need to get a farm for yourself.

Now, let’s drive things home before giving you a clear insight into why you need a farm for yourself and your household. As the economy deteriorates, the living cost becomes even higher for the common man to live comfortably. It is important to carefully make your choices if you want to stay comfortable in the country. If not for anything, save your spending on daily meals and produce what you eat, as you also help not only yourself but also others around.

Reasons you should consider owning a farm in Nigerian


Overview of the Nigerian Agro-Market

Though there are other facets to explore, the idea is to make your life and that of others around good by investing your time in agriculture. Take your time to learn and make your life better. You must not own a large farm, you can start with a garden around your home and help sustain your family.

The development of livestock is also an essential aspect of agriculture in Nigeria. Its production falls far short of national demand, resulting in large imports of livestock and livestock products. You can benefit from new opportunities in the livestock sector and more affordable and healthier diets for future generations.

Nigeria has a stronghold on its agricultural productivity through agriculture and livestock development. Hopefully, animal and farm productivity can increase significantly with leaders in this Western African country. Agriculture in Nigeria is so essential to Nigeria’s economy and daily lives that it is bound to prosper despite its setbacks. All these constitute why you should try farming in Nigeria.

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