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Most aspiring farmers understand farming, but have less expertise in the business side of what they hope to one day run. Many have not gone through a formal business planning process that can help them to identify the strength and weakness of their business plan and improve their ability to gain credit or investors.

SSAF will support aspiring farm entrepreneurs with peer learning and business mentors to help develop and succeed in their farm business.

SSAF works on realistic and timeline projects for our client’s competitiveness and profitability. We develop, implement and monitor agribusiness plans.


Quality is built on consistency in the delivery of the right measurement of production; meeting dearly on the demands required by consumers. SSAF represents Quality. There is proof in the desires of wants met through the standard of good delivered, through time, date and structure.

To continue on the path of perfection we maintain routine firm checks on the updates of popular and even invisible demands which seat us permanently on quality-makers; since our belief rests on the fact that the craftsmanship in the art of trade is built around the quest and request of satisfied needs.

Branded with the right group of experts on board, with productive years of experience in the field, we carry out intensive survey both primary and secondary to provide and develop Agro Business plans which promote profitability and productivity for our clients.

With an Agricultural placed value, we strategically carry out sensitive enquiries about most urgent needs covering all demographic and geographical terrain on crops, livestock and time to invest.

Concerned with the demands of the masses and the interest of their desire, thorough investigations are carried out following wants to put out the right taste of needs in the market for our clients. Carefully, the list of expected needs are built and specifically traded to ensure trustworthy outcome and insurance for both our customers, investors and products.

Through thorough survey engaged in we carefully buttress the heat part of our clients wants, focus deliberately on the yield and proffer best solutions and decisions for our clients.


The plus on delivery is attached to the satisfaction of customers on the availability of goods demanded for.

Agriculture has taken a major turn in the economy of the country. At large, the world lives on the mercy of Agricultural yields as every surviving being relies on the green world for pasture and continuous survival. Even oxygen breeds from trees.

The progress of every country lies greatly on the relevant growth of her populace through the provision and promotion of jobs, availability of food and income to meet set needs and demands.

Utmost, job creation has been the best business with Agriculture, making available lucrative offers through shares and transfers on the God given natured gift. SSAF promotes the creation of jobs for both the youth and enlarge the purse of income flow for Agricultural entrepreneurs through the well facilitated flow of information on business plans and service delivery.

Basically, with the main aim of every production body, being to satisfactorily deliver in the very right proportions the meets, needs and wants of the populace, our service stands as a secured bridge which links the desires of every consumer with the most adequate supply of goods.

 “Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company! It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back. Without customers there is no company!” -Connie Elder

At SSAF, we offer accurate and time conscious services with the prompt delivery of income for our clients Investments. With our topnotch availability of quality farm produce and livestock, we meet up expectantly and brilliantly with the Returns of investment and principal of our investors.

Through logistics services we create opportunities for farmers thereby, connecting them to agro-allied industries where they can generate revenue to grow their farm businesses and we also deliver at affordable rates, farm equipment’s for mechanized farming either through hire, leasing or outright purchase.

We run through a 24hours open chat line on www.ssaf.group for our clients who have pressing needs and desire to communicate on transportation of goods, purchase food items from our Agro mart and delivery or investment of funds with the company.


The transpose of knowledge is a contribution tool which serves as platforms to render appreciation to the growth of any country and this is placed on the availability of well standard structures and applauds able resources.

Training being the continuous process of acquiring skills and knowledge over a particular field to gain more expertise and standard is a developmental process which pushes the growth and interest of both humans and the economy at large and SSAF works basically to improve standard and growth (increase in influence, wealth and progression).

At SSAF, we offer quality and detailed training for both farmers and aspiring farmers in Agriculture. With the business yielding and spearheading as top priority in the country, we concern ourselves with addressing proper management and skills by elaborating extensively on the proper wits and right norms which surmounts the revived process of Agriculture and indict in farm entrepreneurs the leveraging tools in acquiring substantial yields through satisfactory customer repose.

To elevate the growth and standard both our beginning and aspiring farmers, we engage the services of our experienced farmers to provide both practical and theoretical training. We offer extensive on-the-farm training for both crops and livestock and also conduct seminars and workshops quarterly to update farmers on new technologies and specifications on farm equipment and machinery.

We carry out extensively internal training for staff and members, updating them practically to meet up with even the thought of consumers. At the dawn, we’re already at evening, preparing and gearing up activities that will satisfy farmers, consumers and investors of our firm. At SSAF, we train to serve and we serve to spread.


Regardless of the type of business you are considering, starting a business is a major undertaking. Choosing the right business entity for any new venture is essential to your business future. Thus evaluating your business vision and your ownership and management structure to find the right model for you. Companies generally face unique challenges in the business world in respect of capital raising, product development, and marketing, the legal requirements that come with running a business and becoming an employer.

However, a failure to address these issues could result in significant liability for the company and its directors or proprietors, halting the business in its tracks before it gets out of the starting gate or reaches its full potentials. We have come to identify some of the key considerations for startups and growing businesses and aim to help business owners in Nigeria navigate the legal complexities of the business world and places Nigerian businesses to compete globally world. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

At SSAF, we run a Legal Farm clinic resources centre to assist farm startups and older farm businesses with the array of legal issues facing their business ventures. We have extensive knowledge about sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies and various types of corporations. We have vast experience drafting and reviewing contracts with suppliers, customers, employees, and many others.

Our resolve at SSAF is that you are protected before problems arise. We will assist to improve your efficiency by working with you to implement a contract management system to streamline the contracting process. Contract management systems can free your business leaders to spend less time administrating and more time leading your company toward your goals.

SSAF can help you manage risk with your most valuable assets, your employees. We can advise you about gathering the information you need and choose the right employee without violating the law, provide advice on non-competition agreements, trade secret agreements and workers’ compensation issues and counsel you on handling employee terminations and lay-offs legally and fairly.  We have extensive experience performing risk assessments, developing corporate policies, processes, training and monitoring company and employee behaviour.

As agricultural consultants and advisers, we are a crop of innovative local and international business and technical specialists and our work varies and covers advising and training. Issues arising in Aquaculture such as Livestock and Poultry including beef, dairy, swine, poultry, Crop production including nurseries, greenhouses, forestry, Provision of Drinking Water, Farm Facilities, Fuel and Equipment, Buildings/Construction/Renovation, Chemical Handling, Air Emissions/Releases, Wastes.

Our Legal farm clinic package covers:

Legal check-up program is designed to preemptively avoid legal liabilities your business may be exposed to. We conduct an in-depth analysis of your business operations to ensure that your business and are in compliance with the ever-changing regulations so that you are well protected from lawsuits, and fines.

  • Correspondences with clients to identify and evaluate their business or technical requirements.
  • Measuring performance and analysing data such as crop yield.
  • Attending meetings, organising seminars, classes, farm demonstrations and group sessions.
  • Writing advisory leaflets, technical notes, press releases and articles.
  • Completing planning applications.
  • Handling the business, compliance and paperwork issues surrounding modern farming.
  • Undertaking administrative duties, managing budgets and accounts, updating information, and preparing reports.
  • Keeping up to date with relevant developments
  • Rendering highly skilled legal services and consultations to clients who conduct agro-business and manufacture of agricultural production.
  • Business Legal Resources. access to legal information and in some instances, representation, for entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  • Referral to a lawyer for the provision of initial oral advice during the consultation.
  • In-house counsel services.

Our major direction for our agricultural consulting and training include areas specific to agriculture and we consult and train farmers, landowners and conservation organisations on business and technical solutions and liaise with the relevant government departments and other state funded schemes. We are professional problem-solvers and advisers employed for the agricultural community

SSAF specializes in providing agricultural related consultancy services in the following specific areas:

Property Rights

Rent of the Agricultural Grounds

Contractual Maintenance of Agro Service

Agricultural Production

Land Tenure

Manufacture and Pricing


Accompany Investment Projects in Agriculture And Agro Sector

Development And Preparation of Investment Agreements

Creation of Joint Ventures

Realization of Investments And Their Further Reinvestment

Ownership and occupation of Land and Rural Businesses


Paramount, utmost satisfaction and comfortable service delivery is in most essence our watchword.

We stand in the gap between our clients dream and reality. We collect special requests on Agricultural products or service from our clients and we make available the product/service needed by contacting our farmers and producers in such product and services.

Beating the challenges of geographical struggles, we cover services such as moving an agricultural product from the farm to our consumers. We plan, organize, direct and handle all of agricultural produce in such a way as to satisfy you. With the diverse culture and mass geographical coverage of the country, we are cut across with farmers through the three (3) Geographical parts (zones) of the country i.e the East, South and West and even the Middle belt. Farm produce popularly produced in states of any part of the geographical zones can be conveyed down to the location of our demanding customers.

Our medium covers squarely the agreed details of required produce by our customers and our contact of farmers. SSAF carries out the logistic mandate in providing farm crops for either sales or consumption.

We strive to make our clients happy

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